Since I was a little girl I always loved creating things, and I was usually involved with some craft project or another. When I was about eleven years old, my girlfriend taught me the basics of crocheting, and I did a couple projects. Fast forward to when I was a stay-at-home mom, picking up my hooks again to learn thread crochet. Now that my little darlings are grown up, I've started crocheting again and have decided to try my hand at designing.

My store is called The Crocheted Butterfly and is located at The real problem is my Crochet ADD - Oh, look! Another pretty yarn! and What a lovely stitch! - and thus my slogan "Specializing in crocheted flights of fancy". I began this journey in 2013 and it's been quite a ride, but I keep going back to my original love - lace, which began with thread crochet ornaments. I keep adding new patterns, so please visit my shop or follow my blog ( to keep updated.

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My Latest Work #9: Still Hangin' in There

It looks like since I’ve been in Chicago to take care of my mom that one post a month on my blog will probably be the best I’ll be able to do. {It has been determined that my mom needs someone to live with her, so I’ll be staying in Chicago.} All...

My Latest Work #8: Best Laid Plans

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I would post every week and become much more involved in social media to try to promote my store’s patterns and products. For a while I wasn’t doing too bad. But for those who have been paying...

My Latest Work #7: Whew!

Well, I was definitely doing a bit of nail-biting on this baby shower present, but I managed to get it done just in time. I sent it to my sister so she could bring it to the party. It went out in the mail last Wednesday and was received Friday –...