Marti Albers

Hi, I'm a mother of 69 yrs, 2 children and grandmother of 5. I have lived in many states and towns over the years and been blessed to see a lot of places and travel. Now that I'm retired I think I am busier than ever. I volunteer and the Memphis Railroad & Trolley museum 3 days a week and help a close friend take care of her 100 yr old Mother which has enriched my life so much. She is such a treasure to know. In between I have gotten back to crocheting a lot more than when I worked full time and have been doing Christmas gilts the passed couple of years since the economy has gone so bad. I join every crochet community and website I can to get fresh ideas. Yarns have changed so much since I was a 12 year old girl just learning to crochet from my mother. Later I learned so much from my first Mother-in-law. She crocheted all the time. I think at time I'm getting much like her. I like to make small project mostly. I've started a bedspread and think it will always be in my WIP pile.

I'm looking forward to learning more stitches here and finding patterns of interest. I have also recently picked up on some Irish Crochet I hope to work with too.