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Jul 2014    Kitchener, Ontario

I am a novice crocheter, but I am really enjoying it. Crocheting feels much more natural to me than knitting (although I enjoying arm and finger knitting too). I started crocheting (July 12, 2014) by accident...and now I have a hundred projects in my back pocket, just waiting to come alive.
My aunt is my crochet mentor, she is helping me quite a bit, and has had to endure quite a few phone calls. But she is super helpful and I am so grateful.

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A Lesson In Never Giving Up

I found this article while browsing my Facebook page, and I thought it would be a good one for this site. When I started crocheting, I wouldn’t use a hook less that 12mm and would usually make blankets with 5+ strands of yarn, because they were...

"OH! This Shouldn't be Too Hard" #4: 32 of 54 Rows Complete? YA! We. Are. Done. Question Mark?

Well, this pattern has taken me on quite a journey. From “OH man, this is going to be pretty quick.” to “OH, MAN, am I going to finish this in time?” I had quite a few challenges while working with this pattern. First off, I had NO idea how to...

"OH! This Shouldn't be Too Hard" #3: Oh, THAT'S How You Keep from Getting Discouraged!

So I accomplished about 3 percent of what I planned and expected to get done on my blanket this weekend. I wasn’t focused and kept getting distracted…although I did learn everyone should watch the “I Know That Voice” documentary on Netflix, it...


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Jansafire ...

Happy to hear – crocheting is very addictive lol