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Dec 2014    Victoria Australia


My Name is Kaz, I am from Australia, I am glad to have found a crochet community to share with others who enjoy this kind of craft making. I was taught this art by a neighbour who used to sell my work, now I sell my work to support a Cancer Fundraiser my sister and I started in honor of our friend Donna. You can find us on Facebook by typing My Journey into the search bar of Facebook you can join the page and follow the journey of everyone who shares their's and our fundraising efforts, all welcome! By becoming apart of this crochet community I can share with others my most recent works of art, and enjoy the conversations and works of others. The things I tend to make are sunhats, beanies, scarves, rugs/afghans and pretty much what ever else I can learn to make! I have also just learned how to make beaded jewelry and am starting to sell that for donations too. Look forward to meeting lots of wonderful people here!

Happy Crocheting!
KazKraftz )O(

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Checkin' In!

G’Day everyone! Here’s hoping you are all doing well. I have been away for some time now this is due to studying, working, having some family issues to take care of, making beaded jewellery and decorations and the other day I hopped online to...

Tunisian Rugs #2: Tunisian Autumn Rug

Well I have begun my first tunisian rug project I have finished the first block and im thinking its turning out well so far. My Aunt was quite interested in it as she had never seen the tunisian stitch before. The basic block and boarder design i...

Tunisian Rugs #1: Tunisian Autumn Rug

Hello Everyone! This is my first Blog entry, I am about to start making a rug in the Tunisian stitch there maybe a set name for this type of Tunisian stitch which I am not yet aware of as I have just learned it, but as I am comfortable with how...

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