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Emma Stone

YouTube videos

Hi everyone. I’ve recently started uploading crochet tutorials,tips and hacks to YouTube. I’m very nervous innfront of the camera as you can see from my earlier videos. This is due to me being self concious of my mouth when i talk. I have a...

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Emma Stone

Mark all as read?

I love this website but having been away for a little while i have over 100 notifications. would it be possible to have a mark as read button?

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Emma Stone

what corner are you from?

Not sure if ive put this is the correct section, apologies if I havent. Im from a little village in the welsh valleys called Cefn Hengoed. I was reading a few posts and just wondered where everyone else is from?

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Emma Stone

Crochet for charity?

Hi all, ive just created a group on facebook with a few friends. We are crocheting hats and blankets for special care babies and the homeless. Have you ever crocheted/knitted for charity? If so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Emma Stone

The corner to corner blanket craze

The c2c craze is huge at the moment, Debbie mentioned that she has never heard f it. So i thought i would share. Here’s the link to the tutorial video from The crochet crowd. Mikey is a great teacher. Have fun :)

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Emma Stone


I happened to stumble upon this website earlier and have to say I’m Hooked (see what i did there ;p) I think this website is a brilliant idea. i have posted the link on my facebook profile and posted it in a very popular crochet page :) The...

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Emma Stone

Hey all, Just saying hi.

Hi all, I just discovered this amazing site this afternoon. Cant wait to upload all my new creations. More so cant wait to see all yours. I’m from cefn hengoed in south wales uk. I’m 31 and a happily married mum of 5. I juggle my crochet...